This Week at Arrivee!

Hey yall CSC’ers. Whill I am off to Vegas tomorrow morning, you will be kicking butt at your CSC Class first thing in the morning!

Tuesday’s schedule says: Meet up at the stair monster at 6:30 with cross bikes…Ryan and Derek will be drilling you guys on some strength work with kettle bells and doing some reps up the stairs. You know the drill.

Thursday will be road bikes and trainers at MoFi studios with some more circuit training and plyos to get you strong! Look forward to it, its good for you!

Have a great week!


A Weekend of Cyclocross…

If you were out at  Mayrmoor Park or Lake Sammamish State park this weekend and you were wondering why there where a bunch of freaks riding their bikes around in the rain and mud, its because cyclocross season is upon us. Cyclocross is a physical test of a riders ability to maintain a high intensity for a short duration, usually 30min to an hour, while upholding a sliver of coherence in order to successfully navigate a series of technical and challenging obstacles…translation, cross is hard…Starcrossed and the Rad Racing GP gave us the opportunity to see some of the worlds best at the sport compete over some very challenging terrain. However, you don’t have to be a pro to participate this kick in the pants.

Cyclocross is one of the very best ways to make the transition from recreational cyclist, to first time racer. It is by nature a but less intimidating as it is not typically run at high speeds in close proximity to other riders. We encourage anyone thinking about giving cross a go to get some basic instruction before diving in head first…but hey, that works too.


Good luck to all of our Arrivee athletes this Saturday at Starcrossed! We have got some real ringers out there!

Arrivee CSC Class Schedule this week…

Hey folks…here is the deal for this weeks CSC Classes…

Tuesday, 14th. 6:45AM start: Indoor training at MoFi…Bring road bike/shoes, and your tenni-runners!

Thursday, 16th. 6:45AM: Hollywood Hill TT.
Meet at MoFi and roll out on the same bike you used last time. Checklist: Helmet, road shoes/pedals, bike.

See you there…oh, and check back here for potential updates.


MFG Kickoff Cross @ Big Finn

Look for Team Arrivee out at Kickoff Cross this Sunday! Come and ask us about opportunities for your team to book a group training block at Arrivee this winter. The CSC (Competitive Sports Conditioning) classes are the ideal way to get that indoor strength and conditioning training when its cold and rainy out on the roads. Your cycling club or team can book an exclusive time slot. Motivation and team building are important in athletic performance. CSC is instrumental in developing these under appreciated attributes.

Look familiar…?

"Hope the bloaks at Arrivee don't catch wind of this!"

This is the Profile pic of the Team Sky facebook page. Wiggins is sporting a new look. I think they stole our kit design idea! Im sure we had it first…Now I’m wondering, do we have to give it up because they are WAY faster than us?

I guess we just have to accept the fact that we are cooler than we think we are, and possibly faster too!…but not likely.

Meet the Team Ride

Saturday, October 30: Arrivee Sports
Location: Leschi

Contact: Travis Day travisday83 [at] gmail [dot] com

Looking to enhance your cycling and racing skills? Arrivee Sports is a new Northwest cycling and coaching team focused on road, track and cyclocross racing. Founded by Ryan Miller, former National Champion and Professional Cyclist, Arrivee Sports offers training, conditioning and coaching that will take your racing skills to next level. Arrivee Sports is a coed team, open to a range of abilities and interests in racing. Come join us for a fun ride, and find out more about Arrivee Sports! We hope to see you there!