A Weekend of Cyclocross…

If you were out at  Mayrmoor Park or Lake Sammamish State park this weekend and you were wondering why there where a bunch of freaks riding their bikes around in the rain and mud, its because cyclocross season is upon us. Cyclocross is a physical test of a riders ability to maintain a high intensity for a short duration, usually 30min to an hour, while upholding a sliver of coherence in order to successfully navigate a series of technical and challenging obstacles…translation, cross is hard…Starcrossed and the Rad Racing GP gave us the opportunity to see some of the worlds best at the sport compete over some very challenging terrain. However, you don’t have to be a pro to participate this kick in the pants.

Cyclocross is one of the very best ways to make the transition from recreational cyclist, to first time racer. It is by nature a but less intimidating as it is not typically run at high speeds in close proximity to other riders. We encourage anyone thinking about giving cross a go to get some basic instruction before diving in head first…but hey, that works too.


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