A Big Thanks to Motofish Racing!

Today marked the day of the final class in the 14 week Competitive Sports Conditioning program for the Motofish Racing Team. We are sad to see you all go for now. We appreciate all the feedback and participation from the group. I also appreciate your sarcasm, humor, and good natured competition! This cyclocross season saw some great improvements in performance, strength, and stamina from the team. Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t believe racers from the team sustained any injuries, (non crash related), that took them out of competition either. This is a great accomplishment. Well done!

We have seen good times…and bad times. Sunshine filled mornings where spirits were high, and cold, dark, character building mornings when it took your peer pressure just to get your butt out of bed on time. I would definitely classify this first go-round of CSC Classis with Motofish Racing a success. Not only did we get stronger and mentally tougher, but we made some great new friends in the process! This is why we do what we do. Thanks again and hopefully we will be seeing some of you a couple times a week for some training!

Arrivee Staff