Arrivee Sports is a multi-faceted organization dedicated to the congregation and celebration of cyclists and other athletes in training, competition, and recreation. Our experienced coaches, personal trainers, and group fitness instructors thrive upon taking a different approach to cycling related fitness, emphasizing total body strength, balance, and conditioning for optimizing performance and injury prevention. Whether you are a bike racer, recreational cyclist looking to explore your potential on weekend rides, or are looking to freshen up your workout, Arrivee can help.

Personal Cycling Coaching:

Our cycling coaches are USA Cycling Certified and come from years of experience racing at the top level of the sport. Their unique approach to training and racing stems from real life experiences of what works for athletes in arguably one of the most demanding sports around. Our athletes have gone from beginner club cyclists and junior racers to competing in some of the largest sporting events in the world. We like to think we have played a part in their success.

There are different personal coaching packages offered by Arrivee to suit the rider’s needs and goals. Please consult our programs page for more info or email an Arrivee coach (info@arriveesports.com) for a personal consult.

Group Fitness (Competitive Sports Conditioning):

Arrivee is the forerunner in the Northwest when it comes to training the total body with a cycling specific platform. Our group CSC classes have a comprehensive approach, targeting endurance, power, flexibility, core strength, and functional movement/coordination. In addition, we introduce a spirited competitive nature to the class that allows our athletes to train at an intensity slightly higher than if they were to be doing those same efforts alone. It’s physiology meets psychology. Training hard and smart, we believe, is the best of both worlds.


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