Arrivee Cycling Team

In addition coaching and training, Arrivee is a competitive cycling team and a social cycling club. Join us for team rides at 10am Saturdays from the Arrivee Studio in Redmond, and 10am Sundays from Pert’s Deli in Leschi. If you are interested in joining the Arrivee cycling team/club, email us at and introduce yourself.

2011 Team Sponsorship:

Arrivee Sports

Blue Competition Cycles

American Classic Wheels

Hincapie Sportswear


Motofish Images



Team Roster:

Ryan Miller                            Nick Barile                           Travis Day Derek Hill

Leif Clarke                             Mark Roughgarden             Tim Tarte Yohannes Tsegay

Derek Wilkerson                    Adam Stern                         Mike Miller

Brett Walker                          Shannon Kupfer                  Camille Jentgen

Randy Salamon (Track)        Jon Hernandez                    Jeanne


Club Roster:

Victor Moore                          Melissa Korb                       Gordon Sears

John Barile                            Jan Miller

Molly Miller                             Linda Tarte



Nick Barile
Arrivee Team Member


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