A Big Thanks to Motofish Racing!

Today marked the day of the final class in the 14 week Competitive Sports Conditioning program for the Motofish Racing Team. We are sad to see you all go for now. We appreciate all the feedback and participation from the group. I also appreciate your sarcasm, humor, and good natured competition! This cyclocross season saw some great improvements in performance, strength, and stamina from the team. Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t believe racers from the team sustained any injuries, (non crash related), that took them out of competition either. This is a great accomplishment. Well done!

We have seen good times…and bad times. Sunshine filled mornings where spirits were high, and cold, dark, character building mornings when it took your peer pressure just to get your butt out of bed on time. I would definitely classify this first go-round of CSC Classis with Motofish Racing a success. Not only did we get stronger and mentally tougher, but we made some great new friends in the process! This is why we do what we do. Thanks again and hopefully we will be seeing some of you a couple times a week for some training!

Arrivee Staff


New Evening CSC Class starts Thursday!

Hello all! We are very happy to announce that we are beginning a new Competitive Sports Conditioning class this Thursday night at 7:00PM @ Motofish Studios/Arrivee Sports. The first class is FREE so please invite any and every athlete you know that may be interested in a great way to train through the off season and maybe even learn a little bit about themselves. Ryan and Derek, (Arrivee coaches), will be running some functional movement exercises to determine strengths and weaknesses and talk about what the class will strive to accomplish. Bring your workout cloths, no bikes for the first class, and a yoga/stretching mat if you have one. ┬áCan’t wait to see you all Thursday. Visit ARRIVEESPORTS.com for contact info…



Motofish Studios

15230 NE 92nd Street

Redmond, WA. 98052

This Week at Arrivee!

Hey yall CSC’ers. Whill I am off to Vegas tomorrow morning, you will be kicking butt at your CSC Class first thing in the morning!

Tuesday’s schedule says: Meet up at the stair monster at 6:30 with cross bikes…Ryan and Derek will be drilling you guys on some strength work with kettle bells and doing some reps up the stairs. You know the drill.

Thursday will be road bikes and trainers at MoFi studios with some more circuit training and plyos to get you strong! Look forward to it, its good for you!

Have a great week!

Arrivee CSC Class Schedule this week…

Hey folks…here is the deal for this weeks CSC Classes…

Tuesday, 14th. 6:45AM start: Indoor training at MoFi…Bring road bike/shoes, and your tenni-runners!

Thursday, 16th. 6:45AM: Hollywood Hill TT.
Meet at MoFi and roll out on the same bike you used last time. Checklist: Helmet, road shoes/pedals, bike.

See you there…oh, and check back here for potential updates.


Welcome to Arrivee…

Welcome to Arrive Sports. This is where you come to find information on all things Arrivee, from class schedules and team rides, to info on our CSC calsses and coaching services.

We have some exciting things happening in the near future so check in from time to time and get the latest news. Until then, we will see you all at the cross races and at the Mofi Studios for the CSC workouts.


Nick Barile, Arrivee Sports